Bill Jenkins and the Virginia Mountain Boys
Traditional Bluegrass, Old-Time Mountain Music, and Camp
Meeting Songs as They Were Meant to be Played.

L to R: Joe Gilley (Guitar), Ken Worrell (Guitar/Vocalist), Clyde Bailey (Banjo/Vocalist), 
Robert Cottingham (Mandolin), Bill Jenkins (Guitar/Vocalist), Bill Collier (Bass)

Bill Jenkins is the Latest Member of the Virginia Musical Museum Hall of Fame

Wow!!!!  What a 50th Anniversary show we had at the National Press Club on March 28th.

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               Sorry everyone could not attend, but the National Press Club DVD's and CD's are now available on the DVD/CD Sales Page, the National Press Club, and at our shows.
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           Bill Jenkins, 1964

     Future Performances: 

Sitter & Barfoot Virginia 
 Veteran Care Center
     Richmond, VA
7:00 P.M. March 7, 2021

Williamsburg Regional
Library Auditorium
    Williamsburg, VA
7:30 P.M. April 11, 2021

Hampton Heritage Day
Carousel Park
     Hampton, VA
April 18, 2021

American Theatre
Hampton, VA
September, 2015

The Virginia Mountain Boys is a registered name solely owned by Bill Jenkins since 1971.

Videos are from the performances at the
National Press Club 2014, the American Theatre 
2012, and Williamsburg's First Night 2012

Singer, song-writer, and cross-picking guitar virtuoso Bill Jenkins and his 
string band, the Virginia Mountain Boys, bring to life the authentic ballads, camp meeting songs, and early Bluegrass favorites of the Southern Appalachian Mountains, in a style that is uniquely their own.
Jenkins, one of the best cross-picking guitarists in the country,has performed for over 56 years. He has played at the National Press Club and on the White House Lawn among other prime venues. The Band was honored to be invited back to the National Press Club on March 28, 2021 for a 50th Anniversary Show!  As far as we can determine, only one other person has ever been given the opportunity to have a 50th Anniversary show..........Jack Benny! 
Jenkins is backed up by Ken Worrell, singer and rhythm guitarist; Bill Collier on the bass fiddle; Robert Cottingham on the mandolin; and Joe Gilley on the guitar. The "world class" five-string banjo player, Clyde Bailey, contributes "breakdowns" and sings baritone with the band.
Truly unique harmonies, captivating arrangements, and a rollicking good time are the hallmark of Jenkins and his band which has some of the finest string musicians and vocalists in the USA. The group sounds different from typical bluegrass bands with an older, more stark, and more natural sound. No electrical cords are attached to their instruments and no fancy electronic devices alter their voices. Their voices are used as much or more than their guitars. The ancient ability to harmonize by swapping back and forth from lead to harmony several times during the same song is part of the genius of this group.
The band can perform over 500 songs from memory!!!The seldom heard but universally loved songs and ballads paint a picture of the lives of the immigrants and their descendants who eked out a hard scrabble living in the hills and hollows of the majestic Appalachians. Entertainment options were few and life could be cruel. Musical instruments were either home-made or not used, so the emphasis was on the voice. An explanation about the songs is an important educational part of each show.
Audience reaction to the show is always enthusiastic. Many travel great distances to hear them play. After the show, Bill and the group will "hang around", shake hands, sign autographs, and accept well deserved kudos for a truly special event. The rapport is genuine in both directions and they have developed a large group of loyal followers. As one long time follower stated, ".....the Virginia Mountain Boys don't just put on a show, it is an experience that I will come back for time after time."
So come hear Bill and his "Boys" at their next concert and help them keep this traditional music alive.We guarantee that you will want to clap your hands, tap your feet, sing along, and occasionally wipe a tear.
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